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AA Alkaline Batteries

Make your money go further with Great Value AA Alkaline batteries, ideal for common household items like remotes, radios, cameras, toys, clocks and torches. Replacing traditional chemicals, our AA Alkaline batteries are long-lasting, free of mercury, lead and cadmium and much cheaper on your pocket.

With Great Value, you’ll never need to scratch around for batteries again. Stock up for everyday convenience with our handy battery pack sizes, available in sets of 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 and 36.

Rely on Great Value’s reliable and quality batteries which offer great value and convenience, making everyday life simpler, easier and more affordable.

aa alkaline battery


Available pack sizes

aa alkaline batteries 4 pack aa alkaline batteries 6 pack aa alkaline batteries 8 pack aa alkaline batteries 12 pack aa alkaline batteries 24 pack aa alkaline batteries 36 pack




  • Insert correctly (+/-)
  • Do not dispose of in fire
  • Do not mix with used or other battery types
  • Do not recharge
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Keep away from children
If Ingested
  • Do not make the victim vomit
  • DO NOT give victim anything to eat or drink
  • Get victim to hospital immediately

May explode or leak if recharged, opened or disposed
of in the fire.

Dispose of Alkaline Batteries at a battery recycling facility.

Dial the following numbers in case of emergency
Poisons Information Centre - 021 931 6129

Any Emergency (from Telkom landline): 107
Any Emergency (from cellphone): 112
Ambulance: 082 911